Unique Latex Dipping Services

Greenbrook Dipping are manufacturers of dipped product for the rubber latex industry with over 30 years experience.

Having extensive dipping capabilities (including 1 metre depth on semi automatic plant & 36cm depth on our fully automatic dip plant) and a laboratory for developing product specific requirements, Greenbrook offer the very best solution to automated dipping.

Greenbrook have a wide range of clients including medical and M.O.D. This working knowledge, combined a dedicated and driven engineering workforce ensures a number of benefits which include:

  • 24hr production enabling quick turn around on most dipped product
  • Can undercut on price and increase quality due to the automated production process
  • Production of latex dipped product previously meant wild inconsistencies in dimensional tolerance, this is no longer the case with our Multi stage microprocessor controlled time and speed delay, giving absolute consistency and the ability to vary thickness over the product

Greenbrook Dipping is part of Greenbrook Automations

For further information contact us on:
T: +44 (0)1246 270555
E: sales@greenbrookdipping.com

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